Jamie Foxx & Drake Digital Girl Remix Live

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Check out Jamie and Drake on Conan O’Brien live.

Drake is rocking the Air Yeezy, he definitely could have blessed them with a better fit, but hey when you got it…you got it.



Jon Voight (actor) has a few words against Obama

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Jon Voight yes, the actor has a few worlds for our President Barack Obama.  He goes as far to call him a false prophet.  I just wanted the world to view this in case you missed it, I think that since the election has past   of younger America has lost track of whats going on in the U.S today.

My comments on the situation are below:Jon

Every new president inherits issues from the last president every president and his cabinet and party bring and initiate their plans, they run their gambles.  Unfortunately for Obama, he’s in a position where almost all he’s doing is one big gamble.  In my mind, we’re in a lot of trouble for a long time however this is not solely do to Obama if you thought Obama was gonna fix the problems in America in his first 6 months in office then you’re wrong no-one could have done that.

America is truly in a F*#k-up situation (excuse my french) there is no simple button you can push to fix this, there is no one solution for the problem.

The trouble is not his fault, of course he can only now attempt to right the wrongs of our past president.  I can’t imagine why anyone would want to be president nowadays, let alone the first black president, but maybe we should be glad some do.

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Drake’s Album – “Thank Me Later” ….. Independent?

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“My goal at this point is to just to really keep making that organic music, I don’t wanna feel pressured, now that I you know I have a single, and I have you know music that’s hot, I don’t want to be pressured to be like oh I have to make radio hits, I just want to make music that people enjoy”   – Drake 


Toronto Native & Rapper - "Drizzy" Drake

Recently declared 2010’s most anticipated artist Drake was recently interviewed at Hyde Park in London. During the interview he answers questions about the legendary show done in New York at SOB’s. With the nation anticipating the release of his first album entitled “Thank Me Later” everyone is still waiting to hear who he will sign with and what label will have rights to his LP. As a fan of new school artists I’ve personally gained a high appreciation of the new culture that Drake along with the “Freshman 10” are bringing to the game. Mainly internet artists they have changed how music is circulated and opened up new doors for the hip-hop world. When asked about possibly releasing his album independently, Drake gave hint that it was a strong possibility. Not wanting to have to fit into a certain genre, or produce a certain type of music, he makes it clear he’s not too excited about entering the politically driven rap industry. “I refuse to let this album be about politics.”

Following that statement he touches on the fact that music is diverse art in which he can touch many types of listeners. When asked about his buzz, and the possibility of putting out an album  without a label, he embraces the fact that he has an opportunity to prove a point “which is a change in a generation”. He hinted at having Kanye produce the whole album. (Along with his current engineers.) 

cover1freshmenPersonally, I’m anticipating the release of “Thank Me Later” to be an independent release that will go platinum, and change the hip hop industry forever. Embracing our generations capabilities and producing an album strictly from internet buzz, self produced shows, and the love of fans nationwide, will go down in rap/hip-hop! history. He has the power to change the game forever and put a muzzle on all these old school ass artists, DJ’s and radio host, who don’t respect the grind of our generation’s rising stars, and try to downplay how they’ve put themselves on. As the industry continues to keep putting out a certain image for hip hop, the Freshman 10, led by Drake are producing the hottest music and setting a new trend for hip-hop and it’s future.  View the video below for the full Drake interview: 




Rapper Max B Found Guilty…

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On May 14th 2009 Max B, rapper/ former member of Dipset’s Byrdgang begun trial for conspiracy, robbery and murder charges. Max B went down with two other people his step brother Kelvin Leerdam and ex-girlfriend Gina Conway; for the alleged robbery of two wealthy men in a Holiday INN, when the robbery went wrong one of the men was shot point-blank range in the face. maxbDuring the trial Max B’s ex-girlfriend testified against the two men to receive and lesser sentence. Today(June 9) Max B was convicted and found guilty on the charges he faces up to 25 years in prison. Sentencing is scheduled for July 30th. For all Max B’s fans keep him your prayers and continue to give him your support, as well as the other people who are hurt by this situation.





Police Brutality is at a All-Time High

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Cops beat a older black man on a corner in New Jersey for a petty reason of not zipping up his jacket. Even in the year 2009  police brutality against our black men is still going on. This is a reoccurring problem that needs to come to an end because too many of our black men are falling victims to this problem.



New iPhone to be Released June 19.

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Moscone Center (San Fransisco, CA)  - Site of Apple's 2009 WWDC (World Wide Developers Conference)     

Moscone Center (San Fransisco, CA) – Site of Apple’s 2009 WWDC (World Wide Developers Conference)

Today, at 3:05 P.M. Apple announced that a new iPhone will be released on June 19 in 18 countries (including the U.S.) With the announcement came the unveiling of it’s  new features. The new iPhone is will include: 

  • Built in 3 megapixel camera. 
  • New built in camera. (30 frames per second) 
  • Voice control via holding down the home button. (Wide list of commands including “Play more songs like this”) 
  • Improved battery life. Up to 9 hours surfing with wifi, 30 hours of audio, 12 hours of 2G talk time, 5 hours of 3G talk.
  • Peer to Peer connectivity 
  • Media MMS’s – Send & receive pictures, contacts, and even audio. (Upgrade won’t come till later this summer) 
  • Many More! 

The new iPhone will be released at the following prices: picture-6

  • 16 GB $199
  • 32 GB $299
  • Will knock the old 3G 8g model down to $99

This new iPhone includes a lot of other cool upgrades. The app store will also be upgraded, which will allow the development of more user interactive apps. 

As a apple fan, I’m definitely adding this to my summer wish list. A must have that will definitely be a huge hit. Expect to see lines outside you local Apple stores starting June 17th! 

(Yea I wrote this!)

Summer Jam 2009

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Check out these videos from summer Jam 2009

Jay and T-Pain perform Death of auto tunes

Lil Kim and T-pain do a set, Lil kim wasn’t scheduled to perform she made a special guest appearance