BET Awards 2009

WOW! Tonight the BET awards hosted by Jamie Foxx does not get the stamp of approval from me. I personally think that a lot of things were rushed and not well put together. Although they wanted to do a tribute for Michael Jackson (R.I.P) and they only had a few days to put it together, they should have put in overtime for practice. Janet Jackson was phenomenal for coming out and speaking as well as Joesph Jackson being in the audience. I especially loved the performance w/ Jamie Foxx and Neyo, but I wish there was more of a though process when it came to them putting together a tribute for Michael Jackson.

New Edition, Beyonce, Lil Wayne/Drake/Young money, Mary Mary, The O’Jays, Keyshia Cole & Monica etc. to name a few were some of the entertainers who performed tonight. I especially loved Mary Mary’s performance and the tribute to the O’Jays by Trey Songz, Tyrese, and Johnny Gill, and who could forget BBD, Guy and Keith Sweat (no comment).

Also congratulations to Alicia Keys and Wyclef Jean for the Humanitarian award for them being outstanding citizens in their community that is what giving back is all about. Also congratulations to Beyonce, Lil Wayne, Neyo, Keri Hilson, Taraji P. Henson, Jaime Foxx, LeBron James and many more for the awards they received tonight. Hopefully the awards next year won’t take the turn of events that it did this year, all in all I give the awards a C-.

Here’s moments from tonights show:



~ by yhasi1 on June 29, 2009.

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