My Thoughts Lately…..

Lately I have been thinking about the use of the so-called word “Swag” and I’ve been thinking how the use of this word should be put to rest! When it comes to “Swag” can anybody tell me the actual meaning?5fe84bf13cccaa915227bef207c3b71e

 NO because it’s just another word brought up to put others down who don’t live up to some so-called standard that people live by, to have some sort or popularity ranking. I think it’s disgusting how we can fault other people for what they choose to wear; and everyone does this (because I have). Until I sat back and thought the purpose of being your OWN person, being an INDIVIDUAL and being ORIGINAL is thinking outside the box doing what you want to do or wearing what you want to wear not because of some validation of another person or look like these mainstream entertainers but because it is something that you truly like.

Realistically most people who use this word “swag” cannot even demonstrate what they are talking about that’s suppose to be something they have that’s so better and different from others. WHY?  because they wear what they see in the media or buy their outfits straight off the mannequin, to fulfill the standards of the latest trends, instead of being unique and coming up with their own personal STYLE and wearing it with confidence no matter what other people say.

It’s time to put this word to an end people! GOT SWAGGA???…..NO I DO NOT; I HAVE MY OWN PERSONAL STYLE!



~ by yhasi1 on June 20, 2009.

One Response to “My Thoughts Lately…..”

  1. Yea swagger has got outrageous. It started off as a term for your own individual style/swag. Not it’s a universal term used to describe whether or not your “poppin” or fitting in. Your right though, it’s pretty disgusting.

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