Jon Voight (actor) has a few words against Obama

Jon Voight yes, the actor has a few worlds for our President Barack Obama.  He goes as far to call him a false prophet.  I just wanted the world to view this in case you missed it, I think that since the election has past   of younger America has lost track of whats going on in the U.S today.

My comments on the situation are below:Jon

Every new president inherits issues from the last president every president and his cabinet and party bring and initiate their plans, they run their gambles.  Unfortunately for Obama, he’s in a position where almost all he’s doing is one big gamble.  In my mind, we’re in a lot of trouble for a long time however this is not solely do to Obama if you thought Obama was gonna fix the problems in America in his first 6 months in office then you’re wrong no-one could have done that.

America is truly in a F*#k-up situation (excuse my french) there is no simple button you can push to fix this, there is no one solution for the problem.

The trouble is not his fault, of course he can only now attempt to right the wrongs of our past president.  I can’t imagine why anyone would want to be president nowadays, let alone the first black president, but maybe we should be glad some do.

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~ by liftedthought on June 14, 2009.

One Response to “Jon Voight (actor) has a few words against Obama”

  1. I wouldn’t call the nigga a false prophet because I don’t believe he actually knows the depth of his situation. He’s probably honestly just trying to do his best. Although, it has been said that he’s attended meetings of the bilderberg group, which is the group who supposedly meets to establish a global agenda. Personally, I don’t think Obama will bring any positive change to our country despite his efforts. What our generation fails to realize is we voted for him because of his great plans and agendas but failed to see that all his proposed agendas have very negative downsides. We’ll see though! All I can do is pray and hope for the better.

    But don’t get it twisted. Obama doesn’t call the shots! YOUTUBE: Obama Deception

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