Is the Sharpshooter a lock to the Knicks?…


Do we have another promise pick for the Knicks come draft day? Perhaps, like Depaul’s Wilson Chandler who was also rumored to be a promise pick for the Knicks back in 07’s draft, Stephon Curry has recently been rumored to be a lock for the Knicks in the upcoming 09 NBA Draft. 

The Benton Harbor native Wilson Chandler was a quality pick, who has thrived in Mike D’ Antoni up tempo system, I believe that the rumored pick Stephen Curry will thrive in D’ Antoni system as well.

2008-2009 College Basketball leading scorer with Curry’s great court vision, even though I feel he’s underrated because he was on a WACK team who can rarely make plays for themselves, and of course he’s an knock down shooter who will always have to be accounted for on the court. The Knicks may be headed in the right direction. Who knows what stars may be there in 2010?… Any one thinking who I am thinking about… Hint… WITNESS it later maybe?…



~ by luckydeon on June 5, 2009.

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