New Lil Wayne-Kobe Doin Work

Lil Wayne might be one of the biggest Kobe Bryant fans on the planet he has often referred to himself  as the Kobe Bryant of hip-hop.  Through-out his career he has made many references to Kobe Bryant in his music, but this one tops them all check out this brand new track from Weezy a tribute to one of the best basketball players of the modern day era.


Lil Wayne-Kobe Doin Work

  • Its been a good day for Kobe he also got the cover of the leading NBA video game franchise NBA 2K10. Go cast your vote starting Friday

P.S I got the magic winning in 7, hey everybody loves the underdog.



~ by liftedthought on June 4, 2009.

2 Responses to “New Lil Wayne-Kobe Doin Work”

  1. I got the Magic going in 7 Lakers n 6

  2. Wayne is so good that Kobe joint is FIRE!! Lakers in 4 lol

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