The Cavs Are Who We Thought They Were


It was a general consensus going into the playoff’s that the Cavs were a run of the mill team with quality hard nose role players and one elite immense talent, Lebron James.  The Cavs found a way to win a league high 66 games this year without having nearly as much talent as LA, Orlando, Boston, or Denver.  With home court advantage throughout the playoffs and no KG in Boston they almost seemed to be a lock to make it to the NBA finals.

What most did not realize is the 66 wins they accumulated this season were some what deceiving, they beat the teams they were suppose to beat and protected their home court like a team should do. The reality of the situation is they struggled against the title contenders, going 3-6 during the regular season against Boston, Orlando and the Los Angeles Lakers. Five of those six losses were by double figures.


I remember discussing with SoLoDoLo after a convincing blowout loss at the hands of the Orlando Magic 87-116 in early April that Cleveland was in trouble big trouble come playoff time. It wasn’t about that fact that Cleveland loss, hey cause sometimes it’s just isn’t your night, but it was how the Cavs loss their defense was scrambling all night and they just could not handle the size and mobility of Dwight Howard, Rashad Lewis, and Hedo Turkoglu.

Throughout this 6 games series Orlando was just a better team, and they exposed all of the Cavs weakness. Not to mention Mike Brown did not make one adjustment the whole series, but the more I look at it I don’t think with the players he had he could have did much more.

No disrespect to the Cavs, but when Orlando can put out a team as they so often did in the fourth quarter consisting of:

  • 6’11 Dwight Howard to man the paint
  • 6’10 Turkoglu to handle the rock and run the high pick and role
  • 6’10 Rashad lewis to space the floor
  • 6’7 Pietrus to guard LeBron and outscore the Cavs bench by himself, and don’t forget about another shooter and good athlete in 6’6 Courtney Lee.

The Cavs have no answer for that.  What combination of Cleveland players can compete with that Lineup? NONE!!!

The Cavs lack talent they have one top tier player in Lebron James, who might be the best player on the planet and the rest are ummmm…I guess I’ll take him if that’s the best you got left type players.

Kudos to the Cavs for being a championship contender with only one star.

Cleveland would be a lottery team without Lebron James trust me on that; just think about it a lineup of Williams, Delonte West, Wally Szczerbiak, Anderson Varejao and Zydrunas Ilgauskas.  I commend Lebron for the effort he put out in this series and he showed how dominate he can be he just needs some help.

Its simple the Cavs need a legit established  star to play along side Lebron James, not a star at the tail end of his career (Glenn Robinson and C-Webb in Philly), or a star coming off major injury (Elton Brand, and Jermaine O’neal), they need a star in his prime and ready to contribute immediately.  The only problem is, is that guy on the market? And do the Cavs have the personnel or the cap space to do it?

Only time will tell.



~ by liftedthought on June 1, 2009.

One Response to “The Cavs Are Who We Thought They Were”

  1. Damn, I guess everyone’s a Cavs hater now!

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