Microsoft’s New Invention w/ Xbox


“Project Natal” – the new invention that is in process to being launched with the game console Xbox by Microsoft; instead of using controllers this new creation is set just for body movements only. With YOU being the controller a camera captures a 3-dimensional image of you to make it easier to log-in, use your voices and to play the actual game. Everything is done imaginary so if you are playing a race car driving game then your hands is the steering wheel, if your playing a shooting game then your hands is the gun, or even 2k9 YOU are the basketball player. “Don Mattrick, senior vice president for Interactive Entertainment Business at Microsoft says to CNN that “Now, with Natal, everyone can join in using the best controller ever invented: YOU.” Even though it has yet to have a release date or a pricing it’s nice to save up now to get ready for a new face of technology in game consoles; and with this new interactive way of playing the game we might be able to bring down the obesity rate in young teenager-but hey that’s another topic!



~ by yhasi1 on June 1, 2009.

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